Sammy’s Sports Bar and Grill is located in a former Hardees storefront right off the old capitol sqaure.  The Hardees may have been the worst customer service fast food joint in town and run down to boot.  Sammy’s is the polar opposite of the former tenants.  You can expect good attentive service at Sammy’s and they’ve certainly tried to deck the place out.  Plasma TVs, posters all over the walls and delicious food.  Sammy’s really specializes in fried appetizers and huge sandwiches.  Their horseshoe menu is actually a small part of an otherwise huge menu.

Sammy's Horseshoe menu in Springfield, Illinois.

I opted for a buffalo chicken horseshoe.  It was served with a side of bleu cheese dressing.   The fries are always good at Sammy’s and the cheese sauce was a tangy yellow sauce.  It was a good horseshoe but I was actually disappointed in the buffalo chicken.  While it had a good flavor, instead of the standard homemade breaded chicken breast, they served 2 seemingly premade frozen chicken strips. 

A Buffalo Chicken horseshoe from Sammy's in Springfield, Illinois

The horseshoe was good and I’m certainly going to try another one sometime soon but I’d call this trip a mixed bag.