Today we travelled well off the beaten path to Delaneys, a small grill on a side street near the state fairgrounds.  Be warned, Delaney’s is a cash only establishment so make sure to hit an ATM on the way.   Delaney’s is also the first place since I started this site that asked me why I was taking pictures of everyone’s lunch.  They asked if we were out-of-towners.  I suppose that tells you about the level of service that you get at a small place like this, they were attentive enough to our needs to notice how weird we were and were cool with it.  They had a pretty great selection of shoes, including a Shrimp shoe, which a reader recently commented on.  I’ll definitely be back to try one but stuck to an old standby today.  Here is their horseshoe menu, you’ll notice they offer a lot of customization to your shoe a la carte.  It may seem strange to have to pay to add options, but their prices are so low in the first place that you still come out ahead.

Delaney's Horseshoe Menu

I went with a classic, a ham ponyshoe.  It was thin slices of fried ham server on a piece of toast.  The fries were crinkle cut and average.  The sauce was a white cheese sauce which leaned towards a cheese gravy similar to Westwoods but actually a little better.

A ham ponyshoe from Delaney's in Springfield, Illinois.

Two friends had ribeye pony’s which they topped with A1

A ribeye steak ponyshoe from Delaney's in Springfield, Illinois

and a hamburger horseshoe was devoured as well. 

A hamburger horseshoe from Delaney's in Springfield, Illinois.

All in all if you have cash and can find it Delaney’s was a good place to get a shoe.