I was in the neighborhood recently so I stopped by the Sportsman’s lounge for a horseshoe this week.  The Sportsman’s lounge is a Chicago Cubs themed hole in the wall that just recently re-opened.  There are only a few tables and they seem to do a good lunch business.

The Horseshoe Menu at Sportsman's Lounge in Springfield, Illinois

The fried pork tenderloin shoe is really their specialty but I opted for a Buffalo chicken instead.

A Buffalo Chicken Horseshoe from the Sportsman's Lounge in Springfield, Illinois.

A funny thing about running this website is that my friends and I have eaten so many shoes since we started that we are really starting to get picky.  The cheese sauce at Sportsman’s was average.  It really tasted a lot like yellow american cheese and milk.  It was creamy and well executed but nothing special.  The portion size was very generous with the horseshoe including two breaded chicken breasts.  There were a lot of very good crisp steak fries as well.