I went to Ritz’s on Jefferson in Springfield, Illinois this past week and had a hamburger horseshoe.  Ritz’s serves a classic yellow cheese shoe with crinkle cut fries.  I ordered a hamburger ponyshoe and thoroughly enjoyed it.  the Ritz’s shoes are similar to the Barrel Head but with a more yellow sauce. 

A Hamburger Ponyshoe from Ritz's in Springfield, Illinois

You really just get a  good yellow american flavor from their sauce.  Ritz’s does everything right, all the parts are fresh and piping hot to your table.  I really think that the french fries at Ritz’s are extraordinarily good, perhaps the freshest in town.  You can tell your shoe hasn’t sat under a heat lamp long because they are as crispy under the cheese as the might be if they were just server on the side. 

A friend who was along ordered an egg horseshoe. 

An Egg Horseshoe from Ritz's in Srpingfield, Illinois

In place of meat, his shoe had an egg over-easy.  While Ritz’s has a pretty big breakfast horseshoe menu, he had his with cheese and fries.  He said it was pretty good but I didn’t try it.

The Horseshoe menu from Ritz's in Springfield, Illinois

The Breakfast Horseshoe menu from Ritz's in Springfield, Illinois