We went to West Woods on Friday for lunch and decided to have an Italian Beef horseshoe. 


West Woods is a hunting themed grill so they call their shoes “Snow shoes”.  West Woods has a pretty huge menu and their horsehoe menu is very extensive. 

West Woods "Snowshoe Menu"

West Woods "Snowshoe Menu"

It is a customizer’s dream, not only can you choose what meat you want, you can also choose your potato product as well.  You can choose fries, tots, homemade chips or even deep fried round potatoes.  But wait there is more…you can also deviate from their standard white cheese sauce and choose a bleu cheese sauce or a spicy sauce.  I’ve yet to try anything other than the standard sauce here so far though but will try in the future to review their other sauces.  As far as their standard sauce, it is a white cheese variety and is very thick in consistency.  It actually reminds me of breakfast gravy in texture.  As far as flavor, its a really subdued cheese flavor and I am struggling to describe it.  It’s not great, it’s not bad, just sort of average as cheese sauces go.  It isn’t your run of the mill yellow sauce though so it is a nice change.

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