Anyone can eat a horseshoe, just chew and swallow.  Not everyone can finish a horseshoe, however.  They aren’t a diet food to be sure.  In order to fit in while dining in Springfield, you need to know how to eat a horseshoe.  The horseshoe is different from most sandwiches because it is eaten with a fork. 

Most people pick off a few fries by hand when the sandwich first arrives as the cheese sauce is usually really hot.  The number of hand eatable fries is largely dependent on the restaurant that you are eating at.  The heavy lifting with a horseshoe is standard fork fare.  Use the fork to pick up some fries.  Use the fork to slice the meat and bread.  Be sure to mop up any extra cheese sauce.

There are other ways to eat a horseshoe, but if you want to look like a local, stick with the routine.  Pick off some fries, fork some fries, cut the meat and bread and don’t leave any cheese behind.