Welcome to the first and only web site devoted to the world famous horseshoe sandwich!  What, you may be asking, is the world famous horseshoe sandwich?  Or maybe if it’s world famous, why don’t I already know about it?  We hope to answer these questions and more.

Hamburger Horseshoe

What is it?  Aside from apple pie, the horseshoe is the finest conglomeration of food ever assembled.  We call it a sandwich, but the label doesn’t do it justice.  It’s so much more and so much less. 

At its most basic, a horseshoe sandwich consists of two pieces of white toast covered by two pieces of sliced ham covered by a heaping portion of french fries covered by cheese sauce.

After you’ve scoured our pages for information, recipes and pictures, try some of our recipes yourself in your own home or if you are fortunate enough to pass through horseshoe country, you can stop by a horseshewery and have the whole experience without the work.